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Keyboard/Mouse Instructions

Arrow Keys: Move forward/backwards/sideways
O: Move down
P: Move up
R: Refresh displayed city
C: Return camera to original position
Space: Freeze/Unfreeze Rotation
Move mouse to rotate view
Click building when in frozen view for stock information

Leap Motion Instructions

Place hand above Leap Motion (closed fist)
Open hand and spread fingers to start motion. Move hand in desired direction to move, tilt hand in desired direction to look.
To move reticle: Point and move index finger
To view stock info: Open thumb to the side, point at desired building with index finger, and bring thumb in to select.
To refresh: Point index finger at city and twirl finger in a circle

Oculus Rift Instructions

Download Web-VR Enabled browser
Click "Toggle VR Mode" button to enter VR mode
Use keyboard to navigate (see Keyboard instructions for keys)
Press "Esc" to return to normal mode

Toggle VR Mode
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Legal Disclaimer

This application is provided by Fidelity Labs in an early test pilot of an innovative user interaction as part of Fidelity's design and development process. Fidelity Labs would like to understand your thoughts and suggestions on this prototype to help design the best user experience in collaboration with Fidelity customers. System availability and response times may be subject to market conditions. The application may not display all your account data. For information about your account, please refer to the account and order pages on By using this tool, you are agreeing that you will not rely on this prototype application to make trading decisions.

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